Playfair Capital Offices

Our principal brief was to create an atmosphere that eschewed the ‘corporate world’, and in response to this, we designed a flexible, creative and inspiring environment. Attention to detail was given particular importance as we designed bespoke furniture, lighting, and tapware.

The concept of home is becoming increasingly important in office space design. As we spend more and more time indoors, we need these spaces to benefit our general heath and well-being, or, at the very least, we need to work against the ways in which space can negatively affect us. In this sense, home is not simple an aesthetic reproduction, but rather it is centred around a practice, or set of practices. Having control over one’s immediate lighting environment, temperature, and storage are just some of the ways our design supports this need for choice and control.

Light, green space influences and infiltrates the office, with flexible working areas provided both internally and externally. Sound minimising ‘quiet booths’ are designed into the space, giving respite to a busy day.

We extensively studied and implemented the benefits of Biophilic design, that is, paying specific attention to the health and wellbeing benefits of including natural aspects in spatial planning.