Take a closer look...

Wed, August 07
Take a closer look...

As the name suggests, we're fans of playful design: whether it's experimenting with unexpected colour combinations or using materials in new and interesting ways. We've gathered a few of our favourite re-interpretations of classic designs below - enjoy!

What looks like a wood-panelled wall is actually made of foam. 'Perfecto' wall covering is created by laying jersey over foam, which is then thermo-formed with a mould, creating a soft, spongey texture. We love the playful reversal of hard and soft materials.

Elitis Perfecto Wallcovering, www.elitis.fr



An irreverent re-imagining of the traditionally twee Toile de Jouy, only on closer inspection does the not-so-pastoral scene present itself...

Timorous Beasties Toile, www.timorousbeasties.com 



The Picadilly Cabinet presents the meeting of pixellated modernity and tradition in a playful way (whether you like the look of it or not!). Aptly named after Picadilly Circus.

Boca do Lobo Picadilly Cabinet, www.bocadolobo.com