Retro-Futurism and 'Her'

Wed, July 16
Retro-Futurism and 'Her'

We don't normally blog about films but 'Her' has had us thinking: if you haven't seen it, it's Spike Jonze's vision of a world, perhaps 30 years from now, in which a man falls in love with his candescent-voiced Siri-like OS (Scarlett Johansson). Though it's a fantastic story, it's the film's aesthetic that we're concerned with: both the fashion and interior styling mix old and new to remarkable effect.

As Casey Storm, the film's costume designer explains, “When we were making rules for this world we created, we decided that it would be better to take things away rather than add them. When you add things that aren't of this era, you wind up noticing them and it becomes really distracting, so our rules were more like, there won't be any denim in this film, there won't be any baseball hats, there won't be any ties or belts. Even lapels and collars will almost disappear. I think the absence of those things creates a unique world, but you can't quite put your finger on why that is.” 

We wonder whether this 'retro-futurism' will lead the trends for the future: finding comfort in periods gone by whilst embracing new and unfamiliar technological advances; removing the extraneous whilst maintaining a sense of stylistic identity; retaining a sense of belonging and warmth in one's environment through use of colour and traditional materials; and in doing so, attempting to keep a foothold on the dizzyingly changing world around us. 

Or are we there already?

Images & extract from Vulture