Mirror Mirror

Fri, January 31
Mirror Mirror

Most people can identify themselves as a shoe / bag / jacket person (delete as appropriate). Whether they admit it or not, we think most designers have a similar penchant for chairs, stairs, cabinets... ironmongery? It turns out that one of our number has an odd soft spot for dressing tables. And why not? These vanities are rather wonderful.

Above: Black Box by Trine Kjaer

Rosa Dressing Table by Simon Thomas Pirie

Tableau Dressing Table by Nicole Brock

Black Box by Trine Kjaer

Princess Table by Process

Pivot Vanity by Shay Alkalay for Arco

Chandlo by Doshi Levien for BD Barcelona

Dressing Table by Codolagni Design Studio

The Narcissist by NHDRO for BD Barcelona

C58 Dressing Table by Florian Schmid

Ecstasy Dressing Table by Attico

Dressing Table by Studio Toogood

Dressing Table by Vincent Loiret

Palette Dressing Table by Alex Hellum