Highlights of London Design Festival 2013

Thu, September 26
Highlights of London Design Festival 2013

Crumpling under the weight of numerous bags, brochures and business cards, we trawled the fairs at London Design Week and unearthed some outstanding design gems. Here's a selection of pieces that stood out from the crowd at the 9-day festival...

Above: Avignon No. II Dressing Table by Codolagni Design Studio

Oxidized Transcience Mirrors by Lex Pott & David Derksen

Perfume Lamps by Melogranoblu 

Werkstaetten Collection by Kalmar Lighting

Corkigami Chair by Carlos Ortega Design 

Squares by Atelier Areti

Wireless Power Pebble & Sleeve by Orée Design


Monolith Table by Duffy London