Wed, October 23

'Even when objects don't look anything like people, we find it easy to imagine what kinds of human characters they might have. So refined is our skill at detecting parallels to human beings in forms, textures and colours that we can interpret a character from the humblest shape. [...] Consider the struts on the back of two chairs. Both seem to express a mood. The curved struts speak of ease and playfulness, the straight ones of seriousness and logic. And yet neither set approximates a human shape. Rather, the struts abstractly represent two different temperaments. A straight piece of wood behaves in its own medium as a stable, unimaginative person will act in his or her life, while the meanders of a curved piece correspond, however obliquely, with the casual elegance of an unruffled and dandyish soul.'

- Alain de Botton in 'The Architecture of Happiness' 

This passage came to mind when perusing the wonderful, whimsical portfolio of Beirut-based designers david/nicolas. Enjoy.

All photos via david/nicolas